About SVEF | What We Do

SVEF facilitates the sharing of domestic and international benefits practices, results, and benchmarking to enable our members to strategize, optimize and manage benefit programs in support of their employees and family members. We collaborate on projects and partner with vendors and stakeholders, while respecting the culture, philosophy, and benefits strategy of member companies.


Work Groups and User Groups

Routine webinars generally include a planned presentation and an opportunity for roundtable discussion. Work groups gather to share insights or impact a specific subject area. User groups are made up of a vendor’s clients and focus on vendor-specific issues.


Work Groups

  • Global Wellness
  • Global Operations
  • Regional Roundtables – these time-zone friendly calls engage regional employees with headquarter staff. There are four regions; APAC, EMEA, India, and CaLATAM, each meeting 3X per year via a monthly regional roundtable schedule.


Work Groups

  • Retirement
  • Leave of Absence – this group focuses on effective, efficient, and compliant administration of all leave programs.
  • Healthcare Reform
  • Global Operations

SVEF/ Pacific Business Group on Health (PBGH) User Work Groups

  • Four health plans (Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, UHC)
  • Health Improvement (wellness)


Each forum sponsors annual surveys and an ad hoc “quick” survey system. We often partner with consultants to develop, field, and/or evaluate specific-topic surveys, e.g. employee perks, country-specific benefits, healthcare costs and benefits trends, etc.


SVEF/SVEIF Quarterly Meetings

SVEF and SVEIF Quarterly meetings feature roundtable discussions and exchanges, guest speakers, project updates and topic presentations.